Upper Cumberland Mashers (UCMashers)

The UCMashers was formed when a few local home brewers were asked to support a local charity. The Trail Blazers is a local charity working to establish a hiking trail along the railroad tracks between Cookeville, TN and Monterey, TN. The first annual "Ale of the Trail" was held in November of 2007 and still continues today. This brew-off is held to nominate the best brew by taking donations and serving the various home brews of local brewers in the area to those that donate to the cause.

To become a member there are no dues and membership is open to anyone with a love for home brewing or just enjoys a high quality beer, wine, cider or mead. We have beer brewers, wine makers and mead makers in the club and they all contribute to the club in their own unique way. To join just sign up on this web site in the forum section.

The UCMashers meet at various times throughout the year and quite often in different places. We are a social group and often move the meetings to special locations so watch the calendar to find the most accurate information. At the meetings, everyone is encouraged to bring homebrew for others to sample. If you have no homebrew to bring, please feel free to bring your favorite commercial microbrew for "commercial calibration." We occasionally put together a program to present at a meeting and sometimes even have food. The club does organize events that will be posted on the web site for all to view and attend if you wish.

As we are a new club and still working to create a more formalized organization, our meetings usually consist of our members talking brewing, drinking homebrew and discussing whatever else comes to mind.

If you have questions or would like more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Happy Brewing!